Sunday, April 19, 2009

The other day Riah came over for a visit and she wanted to take a walk up to the woods. So off we go. I love to walk the woods and Riah had only been one other time more then a year ago. Once we reached the opening of the woods Riah said she was scared. I told her these woods were just like the woods on Bambi but this forest was a magical forest because all the trees grew over instead of up (I left out that the big ice storm of 06 had caused them to bend over like that). She was amazed. As we walked we talked about what kind of animals live in the forest. Rain deer, rabbits, birds and foxes. She was really hoping to see some of those. I was too. Riah then said she wanted to go to the tire swing we have in the woods. I was really impressed that she even remembered that I had one. I had to break the bad news that someone had taken the tire down but there was still a rope she could swing on. So off we went. Riah swung a little then said she really wanted to see some animals. I told her there was a dog that lived next door. A little pathetic but it was the best I could come up with. She was excited. So off we went and exited the woods to see the dog, Levi. We had to call him to the fence and wait about 5 minutes for him to get there (he is a basset hound). As Levi licked Riah’s had I looked up and spotted 4 full grown “rain” deer trotting across my neighbor’s front lawn. I showed Riah and that made our day. We had seen a dog and deer. This was the best walk ever.