Monday, January 23, 2012

First Quilt Finished

My first quilt! I have finally completed my very first quilt. And boy was the finishing harder then I thought. Even though this quilt is not perfect I learned a ton from it.
I loved picking out the fabric and designing the pattern (even though it was simple). Even sewing the blocks was fun. I enjoyed seeing the different colors come together.

Then it was like coming to a railroad crossing. I was terrified to take the next step, basting, and for good reason. I waited and waited and stared at my finished top hoping it would finish itself. But no such luck. So finally yesterday at 10:30am I decided it’s live or die and this quilt was going to live. Three hours and two attempts later my quilt was basted. (and finding otu that my back was smaller then my top).

I just didn’t see any reason to quit then. I grabbed my quilt and off to the sewing machine we went. My first line down was as crooked as the Hamburglar. I soon discovered what those chalky pencils are for. I used my ruler and drew some guide lines for me to follow.

Oh I forgot to mention that I basted my quilt upside down so my pins were on the bottom. Not on purpose. So this caused a huge problem. My big ole basting pins kept getting caught on my table while I was sewing and that in turn caused my stitches to get tight here and there.

As I look at my very first quilt I realize it is all worth it. Now time to start on another one.

Monday, January 16, 2012

WIP it. WIP it real good!

WIP – Work In Process. The Lord knows I love to collect those WIPs. I get so excited about making something, buy the fabric and half the time even cut the material and for some crazy reason that is as far as I get. I think I have a short attention span.

I have decided I am going to complete all my WIPs before I continue on with my quilt; which by the way is going awesomely. I have my top completed and the next step is basting.

I completed one yesterday. Back in like October I made five pot holders and did everything except the binding. (I hate binding) I’m just really no good at it. So this is my finished product. I love them and I got some good binding practice.

Here is a list of the rest of my WIPs I have to complete.
  • Two jackets
  • Owl PJs
  • Christmas Apron for me (little late on that one – good for next year)
  • Summer shirt from last summer

Tonight I will be working on my PJs.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Quilting…..and loving it.

I have decided to make a quilt along with Vicki and my dear friend Amy M. We decided to go by several different tutorials on the internet. So far it seems really easy to me.
First you have to pick out your fabric. I choose 4 different mellow prints. Amy M. bought a layered cake pack (42 pieces of 10 inch by 10 inch fabric all different) off the internet and Vicki selected 1 large bold print with 3 coordinating colors.  

Next is the design. I personally designed my own and Vicki is kinda following my design. Amy M is following a design from here.

The hardest part to me was cutting the fabric. You use a rotary cutter and a self healing mat. (This blew Hayden’s mind). And this part takes quite a long time to do.

I have started sewing my blocks together and that’s where we are today. I will keep you updated.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Homemade Christmas 2011

Homemade Christmas 2011
This year we decided to hand make everything we gifted to our family. It was the most fun we have ever had together. I thought I would share the ideas we made for family members and the gifts we received from our friends and family.

For my husband’s parents, his sister and Renee and Jim we made Bird houses. I search the internet for ideas and Scott (my husband) did the wood work. I painted and decorated the bird houses.

 For my sister, brother in law and friends Kelly and Shambra we made South Carolina shaped rocks with the SC state flag symbol. This was all me. I had to chisel the flagstone into the closes shape I could. I then spray painted them SC blue and stenciled the palmetto tree with the moon on it in white. I added the year that they married on the bottom to personalize it. I’m pretty sure they loved it. And I did too.

 I sewed all my little nieces an animal pillow. I’m going to be honest; this was a challenge and took quite some time. But of course those cuties are worth it. Esme’ ended up getting Scrappy the dog made out of the scrap fabric from the animal pillows.

We made my parents the cornhole game. Scott once again did the wood work and we both helped stain and poly the boards. I then sewed the bags.

 I made Sarah a laptop desk and she requested. I’m gonna make me one too.

I made Christine an apron that I loved and it looks just right on her.

 Rachel has a photography site called sitting duck and I knew she was getting a camera from our parents so I made her this over the shoulder camera bag.

I made my nephews wreaths out of dollar bills. They were slightly confused when they opened it because it really didn’t look like money. LOL. They thought I gave them an ornament for Christmas. And Zach thought it looked more like a Chinese star weapon. I have to agree.

I made these really cute ornaments from several family members and canned apple butter. 

I also made this cute owl for Austin’s girlfriend Amanda.

 Now for what we received. WOW was our family creative.

 This is what I received.

 Earrings from Christine.

Wallet from Sarah.

Bath soap from Rebecca and Richie.

 A nest necklace from Kelly and Shambra.

 Kim made me this sooo cute hat and scarf PLUS this freakin awesome throw she crocheted.

 Amy M. made me this tooo cute hooded scarf.

 And Hannah Mae made me my favorite owl blankie.

This is what Scott received.

This awesome ashtray from Christine. It is a set of lungs that turn black as you use the ashtray.

Sarah made him this creative tool chest set.

All the boys received baked goods from Rebecca and Richie and lotion from Kelly and Shambra.

Here are a few other creative gifts that were made by my family members.

Christine made this serving tray for mom.

 Christine made this for Sarah. It is fire and ice.

Sarah made this book of coupons for the little girls.

 Scott's cousin Lisa knitted these slippers for Melissa.

Sarah made this wallet for Austin.

Homemade Christmas rocks. It really got everyone's minds thinking. And of course who doesn't love to do crafts.