Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 7 - A gift after the rain

I just don't know what draws me to rainbows but I do love them. And a double is even better. This is one of God's most beautiful gifts he gives us to look at. It completely amazes me how bright and colorful they are. For some reason I can never find the end to one. I know what is where the gold is. Do you ever try to find the end to a rainbow when you were little?


rebecca edney said...

one time when i we were little, i think it was lary, took john boy, little gorge, and i in the car to look for the end of the rainbow. i will always remember that. we didn't find it of course but i remember it was a lot of fun trying to get there.

scdreamcatcher said...

Hi Amy! Love the rainbow! This is Kim C.

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