Sunday, May 27, 2012

Scott’s 40th Birthday party

Yesterday we had Scott’s 40th birthday party at a South Carolina State park. We did our best to make him feel as old as possible. Despite our efforts he still believes he is as young as ever.

Austin and Amanda

Hannah and Hayden

My awesome sister made the cake. It is truly amazing. My husband rides a Harley Davidson so I wanted something that represented that and she hit the nail on the head. The miniature Harley Davidson motorcycle is a remote control I bought at Hobby Lobby after a massive search of every store in our county. Lol

Hannah painted this bike club sign on some faux leather I got from Hancock Fabrics. We hung it on the back of his wheel chair. This was by far the funniest thing ever. He had everyone put his cards and gifts in his wheel chair along with his diapers. Lol


I was extremely impressed with my banner and signs we hung up. I got the sign from ebay. Someone on there makes the signs and hand paints the name on it. It came in the mail in two days. Impressive.

We had so much food. This was a part on a budget so of course we had to make all the food, me and Hannah that is. Scott’s mom make his favorite sweet potato casserole and Hannah and I made slaw, cucumber and tomatosalad, pulled pork, brownies and Hayden grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. I put out an assortment of BBQ sauce to see what everyone liked. We had Memphis, Texas and Carolina Classic. And not to my surprise Carolina Classic won by far. I mean we are in South Carolina.
Hayden and Riah grillin

For an appetizer, I served home made salsa and chips. This held everyone off until the food was ready. I am providing the recipe below. I pretty sure this was the hit food of the party.

1 gal diced tomatoes
2 cups diced onions
2 bell peppers
2 cups of various peppers (1/2 hot and ½ sweet)
2 cups white vinegar
2 tbs of salt
2 cups of sugar

Simmer for two hours and then can. I blend mine just a little to make it like the restaurant’s salsa, just one or two pulses.   Warning: if you blend too much it will ruin it.  

Over all Scott has a wonderful evening with our wonderful friends and families.