Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Just in case you have been wondering where I have been for the last couple of weeks, well I was kidnapped by GISHWHES!!!
So, you ask what is GISHWHES? Well I still don’t know but it was extremely fun and something I just couldn’t get enough of.
Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen

There is a team of fifteen crazy, fun individuals that come together to defeat normalcy. You get a huge list of crazy things to do and then take a picture of you or your team (or someone else) doing it.
Our team name was Kinky Boots loves Dutch Courage. Half of us from Anderson SC and the other half were from the Netherlands. And we had the BEST team ever.
Below are some of our team’s (kinky boots loves Dutch courage) photos.
I would suggest you keep your eye out for this next year so you can play too. Plus we got over 104,000 pledges to do random acts of kindness.

Let's see your team displayed like the "Brady Bunch" opening credits except there are 3 rows of 5 pictures (versus the 3X3 we know from the "Brady Bunch" opening credits points). The submission must be 1 image with the 15 frames in it. Each of you must be wearing 70s attire and must look VERY emotionally

Let's see you make a snow angel. But instead of making it from snow, make it from Jello on your kitchen floor

You handing coats you've collected from your closet, friends and neighbors to a local shelter.

Draw or paint a picture of Miss Jean Louis riding a school bus like a horse as it flies off a cliff into a volcano. There can be no passengers and she must have a dialogue bubble above her head that says something she would definitely say at this moment.

Build a teahouse under a bridge from recycled materials. Have a cup of tea in it.

What happens when you roast Barbie and Ken (in an embrace) with an assortment of root vegetables? You will be penalized if you eat the roasted vegetables. You also will probably die as they will be toxic from the roasted plastic.

You and a friend must take at least 50 of your stuffed animals/dolls on a field trip to a grocery store. All of the stuffed animals/dolls must EITHER be attached to your clothing or in a grocery cart or both.

Create a 2 foot-high dinosaur out of sanitary napkins.

Recreate the snake's seduction of Eve at a bus stop. Fig leaf, apple, snake, etc.

a uniformed Veteran.

A four-post, queen-sized bed with headboard and footboard. On the bed: a sleeping person. Over the person: A comforter. Under the person's head: A pillow. Bed, person, comforter and pillow must all be situated in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

A Hell's Angels (or at least a tough & leathered biker) with an authentic Teletubby tattoo.

If your team could give the entire world one piece of advice, what would it be? Have one a team member hold a sign bearing the statement over their head in front of an internationally recognizable landmark.

A photo of a scantily clad fireman (or firemen) whose skimpy attire is made entirely from kale. Model must be posing in front of a fire truck. Bonus points if, behind him, water is shooting up into the air from a hose or hydrant.

Calendar item: Wear cheese and wear it well. You cannot be wearing anything but cheese. You may use any type of cheese you wish. Supermodel it posed next to or on a classic car (a classic car is any car that predates 1980.)

Ever seen the movie "The Hangover"? Let's see the aftermath of the most debaucherous party ever. Photo must be taken at the home of a team member's

Pun item: It's called "Hurricane Sandy" for a reason. Show us why.

A storm trooper in full costume including leggings (not just the mask!) cleaning a pool. We must see someone lounging in a swimsuit holding a cocktail nearby.

Bejeweled Bosom covered with nothing but jewels

A picture of you and a loved one kissing. Here's the catch though - you must have at least 11 food items between your lips and the lips of your loved one.

Sculpt your hair with gel, wires, tape, ornaments, animals, and whatever else into what someone would undoubtedly have to classify as the Most Epic Hair Hat the World Has Ever Seen (MEHHWHES)

We've all heard of a "flea circus". What do "flea strip clubs" look like?

Five parking tickets made out to the same license plate on the same day in the same municipality.

Make a gorgeous wig out of cheese puffs and/or popcorn. Go shopping for diamonds wearing it. The image must show you in the wig, at the jewelry display case, talking to the sales agent, as you browse the diamonds.

What do you look like sleeping? What does a close-up of your child smiling in your kitchen look like? What would a cake look like if your child made it with no help from you? And what would your child's face look like if he or she could eat the cake while you're still sleeping? MUST SUBMIT AS ONE PICTURE with the four images edited together in progression side-by-side.