Friday, July 6, 2012

Week one

Week one of the no spend diet has been difficult to say the least. I am so used to going with Amy M on our weekly thrift/antique store sweep on Tuesdays. And on Tuesday that withdrawal came storming in with a vengeance. Once I got over that hump I was feeling ok. I will say I have had to put most of my crafting aside for the moment. The thing about crafting is if I need something I might have to run out to the store to get it and I know I would get distracted and start spending.

So what do I do with my time? I have been spending some time organizing and selling. I have so much stuff I haven’t touch in more then a year and its all just taking up real-estate in my small but cozy home. This week I made $127.00 selling things just sitting around.

I know for a fact I can’t just go window shopping so when I need something that I can’t get at the grocery, I just send one of my boys to get it.

As far as doing this forever is….. well that’s not realistic. But I do think this will slow me down and take control of my spending a little.


Alisa said...

You go girl! Proud of you!

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