Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mama's craft room. AKA The Woman Cave.

Over a month ago my oldest son moved out. Although I have been planning on this for a few years it was difficult to say the least. But on a brighter side I now have an extra room and I claimed it for my craft room. So a week after he moved out I threw a Band-Aid on my heart and started remodeling.

Painted the walls and some new carpet (of which I installed girl style).

I pulled up my Pinterest craft room board and got to work.

One thing I knew I was going to do was make a fold up table. I go the idea from this site but of course mine just had to be much much bigger. I will admit it was a little of my head so I did recruit my husband to help hang it on the wall. But the rest was all me (built girl style of course). I wanted something big enough for four people but something that could be put up to make more room. Plus have some storage options cause I have a lot of thread.

I got the lamp at IKEA for $8. It is a clamp on lamp so I can move it if needed. Best deal of the year.  
Hannah Mae drew me this picture. Amazing!!!

Hannah Mae also came over and drew me this owl on my handy dandy chalk board.

I made this by inserting fabric in some of the frames and letters in the others.

My sewing nook.

My vintage sewing rocker and sewing box. Vickie got me the rocker for my birthday.

I made me a new ironing table. Love the sewing room fabric.

Of course there are owls everywhere.

I absolutely love my sewing room and it came just in time for Christmas crafts and gifts.


Denise :) said...

What a fun room!! I love all your owls - so darling! Especially the big one that your daughter (I'm guessing?) drew for you! My daughter and I (and my mom -- an owl is on our family crest, so a lot of my family) all collect and love owls, too! I bet you've had some fun *creative* days in your craft nest (which I prefer to cave -- LOL!). :)

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