Monday, September 19, 2011

Garden 2011

My 2011 garden was bigger then ever. Four above ground beds!

I started a little early because I was so excited that I just could not wait until the suggested April 15.

I started with lettuce and boy did I love growing these. You can really taste the difference in just out of the garden lettuce. It totally amazes me how God created these veggies to grow. I really enjoyed going out everyday to see how the leaves had curled into the other leaves.

This is my Tomato patch. I had tomatoes growing out my ears. I tried to can some but found freezing them to be much easier. Next year, I think I will stick to around 4 or 5 plants though.

I tried my hand at canning and fell head over heals for it. I love to make bread and butter pickles but no thanks to canning tomatoes. It just takes way to long.

OK, this is my pride and joy, my okra. Not only was it a huge success but I really enjoyed picking, cutting and freezing it. I can't wait to make some soup with it this winter. Of course fried okra is a big hit at our house.

I tinkered around with a few different types of peppers. I really don't know why because I only like bell peppers and banana peppers. The others are just pretty. But I think I will pass next year and save the real estate for something I will eat.

I planted a few pumpkins and got only two out of it. But they were they cutest things ever. They had to go though. They were the main attraction for the squash bugs.

I ended up going at war with squash bugs and they won. I hate those darn things.

Another new one this year was Peas. They were good but just eat that many of them. I'm pretty sure I will pass on these next year as well.

2011 garden's winners were - Tomatoes, Okra, cucumbers, bell peppers, banana peppers and squash.

2011 garden's losers - pumpkins, peas, winter squashes, any peppers other then what is stated in the winner circle, any herbs (I don't use them).

2012 garden to be's - potatoes (reg and sweet), onions and red bells.


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