Thursday, September 22, 2011

My craft room.

This is my very first tutorial. I had so much fun making this that I really felt like I need to share.
My home is space challenged. And my pocket is money challenge. So I had to figure out a storage plan that was cute and inexpensive. This was my solution. I made this small chest of drawers for under $20.

All you need:
1 sheet of plywood – around $10 at Lowes or free from your man’s garage like I did.
Wood glue
Fabric of your choice for the drawers
Paint for the chest
Glue of any kind
My chest of drawers was 8 inches deep by 29 inches tall by 21 inches wide. Because that was all the space I had.

So I first cut out my pieces for my drawers. (2) front and back 7 ½ inches x 20 inches and (2) sides 7 1/2 by 7 1/2 and the bottom is 71/2 by 19 ¼ . Glue and nail all those pieces together to make a box.  Do this for as many drawers as you need. I had three.

Now cover the drawers with the fabric. Cut the fabric to fit and glue it to the drawer. Make sure to spread the glue so that it doesn’t soak through the fabric. Cover the inside too.

Make the chest out of the plywood (may require your husbands help). Glue and nail it together and then paint. I spray painted to save money and time.

Add some cute coordinating drawer pulls to the front of each drawer. I got mine on clearance at Hobby Lobby and Lowes. I paid $1 for one and $.50 each for the other two.

Place drawers in chest once it dries and you have yourself a great place to store your crafts.


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