Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hannah Mae's Graduation Lei

I also made her a Graduation Lei. I had some ribbon left from a previous project and cut out some grad hats from scrapbook card stock. Money, the best part and some ribbon to add the money with, got it at Wal-Mart for 98 cents. The process of this project is up to you. Get crafty!! But this is how I did it.

I cut the Wal-Mart ribbon in into six inch strips. Sew them onto the longer ribbon. I just positioned them about an inch apart. I was making this up as I went along.

I folded the bill in half with the president in the inside and the folded each side back in half. Kind of like an airplane. I started out having two dollar bills in each bundle but soon figured out three dollar bills makes a cute flower.

I just tied the bundles of bills every 2 or three strips of ribbon to make room for them to spread out. I tied the grad hats here and there on the remaining strips. Any strips left, I just snipped them off.


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