Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What's a Quilting Guild you ask?

About a month ago, I met a wonderful lady that was purchasing a cutting mat from me. While making our transaction, we chatted about fabric, the cutting board and of course quilting. She then, to my surprise, invited me to a quilting meeting that she is part of. I’m not going to lie; I was so excited I couldn’t think of anything else that day. This lady had made my day but unfortunately I had to wait almost an entire month to go.

So fast forward a month and here we are, the forth Tuesday of the month. Yay! I get there and I see the word “guild” on everyone’s name tag. I’m not sure I have heard of that before. It was the Electric City Quilters Guild to be exact.

Noun 1. An organization of persons with related interests, goals, etc., especially one formed for mutual aid or protection.

To say the least, I had so much fun at my first ever quilter’s guild meeting. My favorite part was the show and tell of course. It was so diverse. I guess I imagined just a bunch of the same techniques but all these ladies from the same group have such different techniques. I snapped a few pictures of some of the show and tell.

This Christmas quilt took my breath away. All I can say it that it was amazing.


This is the quilt of the person who invited me (June). This was made of blocks made by several different people in the group.  


This quilt was done on an embroidery machine.


After show and tell we had a quick presentation on Signature Quilts. I have never even heard of those before. It was extremely informative. Basically it is a quilt that has words/names written, printed or embroidered on it.  It was very popular over 100 years ago. This guild is thinking of doing one too. I hope they do because I plan to join this group. Could you even imagine 100 years from now people looking at your quilt with oohs and awes like we do today? Here are some examples of signature quilts. And you can find out more by going to www.quiltindex.org.

This is a wedding signature quilt. This person had all her guests at her wedding sign the blocks and then her mother quilted for her. So sweet.


This is an example of a modern day signature quilt. So beautiful.

 Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the meeting next month.


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