Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My quiet time today was just as awesome as yesterday; But just a little different. I was slowly flipping the pages of my super awesome cookbook when I looked to the left. I noticed how beautiful my land was. Everything was turning green; my son AM was out there riding his dirt bike. I was thinking about how lucky I was to have that land. How much God has blessed us with our small house to keep our family close, my wonderful family and food on our table. I began thinking about how much we all take advantage of our time here on earth. Basically I go to work and come home.

A good many years ago I went to the doctor to complain about being cold and tired. He jumped to say I was depressed. I assured him he was wrong. He assured me he wasn’t. He asked what I like to do. So after a long thought I gave him a small list of things I liked to do. Then he said when’s the last time I did any of those things was. I could even answer him. I hadn’t done any of them recently. I told him I worked too much. He then asked me if I thought my work really cared about my heath, had they ever even asked. NO. I had to take charge. He prescribed a month in the tanning bed for some good UV brain stimulation and of course some drugs that I never took. The tanning bed worked though. It was great. I feel I have fell back into that routine.

I love to bake. I worked at Publix in the bakery once and fell in love with it. I like puzzles and I once read a book or two and enjoyed it. I like to scrapbook, even though I don’t really know how. I like to sit on my porch in front of a fire and talk to my husband. I love to sit and look at my children. I love pictures. I look at them over and over again. I like to hike and take nature walks. I like to drink coffee with my dad and he likes to drink it with me. I like to look at my mom’s (Vicki) magazines and sit on her couch and talk to her. I LOVE recipe books. I love to make things for others. I love to fight with my sisters. I always win. I think I could go on and on.

I have got to let work be just that an 8 hour event that ends when I leave. Than my life starts.


Jessica said...

I love this blog Amy!!! And my favorite line is the last line...."I have to let work be an 8 hour event taht ends when I leave....Then my life starts" AWESOME!

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