Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Pillows

We do a hayride every year at our fall party. And every year all the guest go searching my house for blankets and pillows. I then spend the next week picking straw off everything. So, this year I decided to make some inexpensive pillows for the hayride. I had a lot of fun doing this and personally thought they came out pretty cute.

I bought:

1 yard of brown fleece for $2.97

1 yard of copper fleece for the same

4 standard size pillows from Target for $2.50 each

Felt for a craft store for $.20 each

For the little pillows I cut a standard pillow in half and sewed the opening shut. This was the least expensive way to do it.

I basically made some pillow cases out of the fleece. I cut the yard in half and the cut one of those halves in half again for the two little ones. This gave me one large pillow case that I inserted on whole standard size pillow in and two small pillow cases that I inserted the halved pillows in.

I then cut out various fall shapes out of the felt. This is where you get to use your creativity. Some of the felt I sewed on and some of it I hot glued on the pillow cases. If you choose to sew you need to do this before you sew the case together.

To keep the cases closed I used Velcro. This way I can just store the cases with my fall d├ęcor and make Christmas pillow cases to insert the pillows in.


Our Beaten Path said...

Adorable! You do a super job on these!! :)

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