Monday, January 16, 2012

WIP it. WIP it real good!

WIP – Work In Process. The Lord knows I love to collect those WIPs. I get so excited about making something, buy the fabric and half the time even cut the material and for some crazy reason that is as far as I get. I think I have a short attention span.

I have decided I am going to complete all my WIPs before I continue on with my quilt; which by the way is going awesomely. I have my top completed and the next step is basting.

I completed one yesterday. Back in like October I made five pot holders and did everything except the binding. (I hate binding) I’m just really no good at it. So this is my finished product. I love them and I got some good binding practice.

Here is a list of the rest of my WIPs I have to complete.
  • Two jackets
  • Owl PJs
  • Christmas Apron for me (little late on that one – good for next year)
  • Summer shirt from last summer

Tonight I will be working on my PJs.


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