Monday, January 23, 2012

First Quilt Finished

My first quilt! I have finally completed my very first quilt. And boy was the finishing harder then I thought. Even though this quilt is not perfect I learned a ton from it.
I loved picking out the fabric and designing the pattern (even though it was simple). Even sewing the blocks was fun. I enjoyed seeing the different colors come together.

Then it was like coming to a railroad crossing. I was terrified to take the next step, basting, and for good reason. I waited and waited and stared at my finished top hoping it would finish itself. But no such luck. So finally yesterday at 10:30am I decided it’s live or die and this quilt was going to live. Three hours and two attempts later my quilt was basted. (and finding otu that my back was smaller then my top).

I just didn’t see any reason to quit then. I grabbed my quilt and off to the sewing machine we went. My first line down was as crooked as the Hamburglar. I soon discovered what those chalky pencils are for. I used my ruler and drew some guide lines for me to follow.

Oh I forgot to mention that I basted my quilt upside down so my pins were on the bottom. Not on purpose. So this caused a huge problem. My big ole basting pins kept getting caught on my table while I was sewing and that in turn caused my stitches to get tight here and there.

As I look at my very first quilt I realize it is all worth it. Now time to start on another one.


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