Thursday, June 19, 2014

Penzu......just for you.

I have been looking for a daily journal that I could do online and finally found one. To be honest I had a hard time finding a journal that was just like the ones that were hand written. I have the worst hand writing on earth so I wasn't interested in going to Walmart and buying a notebook and pen to only show how bad a speller I was. I know.. no one is supposed to be reading your journal but there is always this one person that finds it and can't help themselves. Then not only do they find out all your personal thoughts but also how bad you spell. No thank you, I like my spell check and cute fonts.

The site is AND it's free. Of course like anything else you can pay for extra features and I might later on but the free version suits me just fine right now. I have been using it for about two weeks now and since I'm already online snooping on Facebook, it's easy just to pop over and make a journal entry for the day. With the free version I have setup a reminder to be sent to my email each day in case I forget. Below are the comparison of the free version and the Pro version. The only thing I don't see is the option to order a printed version of your journal. You have the option to print yourself but I think It would be neat to order the journal at the end of each year. So check it out. I love it.


Penzu Free   Penzu Pro
Unlimited SpaceCheck!Check!
Mobile AccessCheck!
Multiple JournalsCheck!
Insert Images from Computer and FlickrCheck!Check!
Large Size Images with Download OptionCheck!
Share via Email, Public linkCheck!Check!
Commenting on Shared EntriesCheck!Check!
Basic LockCheck!Check!
Military-Grade Encryption LockCheck!
Rich Text-FormattingCheck!
Spell CheckCheck!
Shuffle and Lock PromptsCheck!
Add Custom AvatarCheck!
Customize Pad Style & BackgroundsCheck!
Change Entry DateCheck!
Versions (coming soon)EntriesCheck!
Print Multiple EntriesCheck!Check!
Import posts from Live JournalCheck!
Import posts from RSS feeds and XML filesCheck!
Export to PDF, XML, and TXT filesCheck!
Move EntriesSettingsCheck!
Submit Entries Via Email with Penzu PostCheck!
Sort Entries by TagsCheck!
Looking GlassCheck!Check!
Change Time ZoneCheck!Check!
Auto LogoutCheck!Check!
Email RemindersCheck!Check!
Encrypted Database DumpsCheck!
Default Font and Font SizeCheck!


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