Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bad Doctor

I hate doctor’s offices. How about my insurance is making me get a physical. No big deal. NOT! I tried to be a good girl, I made my appointment. It was at 2pm. I was, as usual, 15min early. I get there and sign in. One hour later they take me back to the room. Yea that’s right ONE HOUR. So I say, “How long before he comes in here to see me” – I know how those doctors work, They will put you in a room then it’s forever till the doctor comes in and you are sitting there naked and cold. The nurse said “about an hour”. Yes you heard me right another hour. I said “nope, my appointment was at 2pm and I’m not waiting another hour to see him”. She asked did I want to reschedule, I said “nope, I had to take off work to do this and I’m not doing that again”.

I was so upset I had to go to Dunkin Donuts. I felt better after an iced coffee and five munchkins. Leading to my next subject.

Well, I slipped a little to day. Completely the doctor’s fault. No mine. Other than that I did good. Egg beaters for breakfast, subway for lunch and grill chicken for dinner. I will exercise after I eat at round eight. Still not enough water.


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