Wednesday, January 28, 2009

cookie monster

Cookies…… got to love them. I do love me a good soft gooey chocolate chip cookie. When you hear the word cookie it just makes you all warm inside. I have three cook books that are only about cookies. I do love a cookie.

Well I met the cookie monster today. Yes, there is someone out there that loves their cookie more then me. I found that out the hard way. I ate someone else’s cookie. I am completely innocent in the mater. I ask could I have a piece of the giant 6 foot (exaggerating) cookie and was told yes. I should have known. The devil was living in that cookie. Little did I know that one awesome bite of sin would turn out so wrong. The cookie monster came and scolded me for eating her cookie. I was supposed to know that she was misleading me when she said she would share. It was far too late. The cookie was gone. I was eating it as fast as I could while I was explaining that all I wanted was a piece of cookie. There I was sitting guilty with the chocolate icing all over my face. Dumbfounded!! What had I done wrong? It felt so right. And tasted so good. I had taken someone’s reward and cheated on my diet. I feel so ashamed. A true lesson was learned here.

Don’t say it is ok for someone to eat your cookie if you really don’t want them to. But look deep in your heart. If you have a really big cookie – it is ok to share. Sharing makes me feel good.

Needless to say I broke my diet. I ate a piece of cookie today but other wise I did good. I drank my water, had a sandwich for lunch and ravioli for supper.

I make a pledge today to stay away from other people’s food.


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