Friday, January 23, 2009

Well, I didn’t slide today ya’ll. I fell off the entire mountain. And fell on my face. The devil is out to feed me. I started good. Egg beaters for breakfast, but then my boss bought my lunch. One BLT and (hold on to your seats) chili cheese fries and of course Tea. Well since the day was shot. I had pizza for dinner. No water at all today.

Someone throw me a rope. Reel me back to reality. Tomorrow is another day. Again!

I did lose some weight. I cheated and weighed this morning. I may have gained it all back today so I won’t tell you what I weighed. Just have to wait till Monday.


Jessica said...

;) It's going to be okay! And you know all that teasing I did with you at work today was really innocent! It's the weekend the weekends are hard!

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