Tuesday, February 24, 2009

new driveway

I accidentally drove my car into my ditch at my house when I got home today. To be honest – I thought it was the funniest thing ever. Scott on the other hand was not so much amused. All he could think about was where was I going to get the $500 to fix it from.

I just can’t quit laughing about it. I don’t even remember turning into the driveway – or rather beside the driveway. The next thing I new I was flooring it and back on the driveway I went. I busted my bumper. But really isn’t that what they are for – to bump with. I pulled into the car port and left my car running. I tried to go in the house but my foot got caught in the door and my shoe fell off. After I recovered from that I was going to lean on the counter and I hit a full glass of tea and it went flying. I look up and my family is looking at me as if I am on drugs. It was all an accident. Things happen. And this fits perfectly into my life right now.


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