Monday, February 2, 2009

Well 2 down and 28 to go. One thing I know is my weight loves me. It never wants to leave. I’m pretty disappointed. I thought it would have been more.

This weekend was a challenge. I had a long road trip. I find it very hard to eat out health. Especially with all this temptations listed right there with the very few good for you things.

I never thought it but I do tend to eat because of my emotions. If I am stressed I think I DESERVE something sweet or unhealthy like a cheese burger. And for some really weird reason it makes me feel better.

I haven’t felt very good lately and have been battling the BFY (Bad For You) foods. I have to pull my way out of this and jump back on the wagon.

You know that saying – keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer- That’s not true. It should say – keep your friends close and pray for your enemies-


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